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© 2017 By Amber Stradford Foxworth.

Privacy Policy

If you ask me to keep something 100% secret, my word is my bond, I’ll never share it with another soul.

If you say “don’t tell anyone”, well I won’t just tell any ‘ol body but I might share it with my husband because I know he won’t tell anyone else.

If you tell me something and at some later point in time ask me not to tell anyone, I cannot be responsible for having mentioned it prior to knowing it was a secret; however, from that point forward I won’t mention it or admit to knowing the information at all.

If you’re family or close friends (pretty much family), and you say don’t tell someone else, DONE! The exception is children. If you’re a child and ask me not to tell, but you did a really cute thing – I’m probably going to tell, but ask that it not be repeated to you. If you do something that is dangerous, harmful or requires discussion, I’m going to have to tell.


In terms of data storage, my memory isn’t what it used to be and I’m unlikely to keep your personal data for any length of time. If we met in a group or at an event, where I also met several other people, there’s a less than 10% chance I remember your name.

If you once asked me to troubleshoot something that required handing over credentials to a 3rd party system, I have probably forgotten it and not written it down. I will likely ask for your credentials again if you want me take a look in the future.  

Thank you for visiting, I hope you will enjoy my site and my ability to keep things private.

My Personal Privacy Policy dictates that I will not share information that I receive with anyone else upon request. However, if it’s relation to a minor or secrecy isn’t requested, anything funny is fair game.  


   - Amber